About Us

The story of Blacklist begins with a skateboard crew born in the small river town of Lawrenceburg, IN. Though the town is only 30 minutes outside of Cincinnati, OH, it’s far secluded from outside influence and culture. Lawrenceburg cultivated a different breed…A ragtag crew of misfits and rogues with their own ideas, hard edges, colorful personalities, and creative distinction. Each member varied incredibly, adding their own stylistic flavor, approach, and way of being to the mix. This became the basis behind the Blacklist brand.

2004 came around and this subcultural group of skateboarders, artists, and musicians needed a home. To fill this void and legitimize the group’s standing, Blacklist’s first location was opened at 148 Front Street. With the help of brothers Nate and Ben Giska and a vast dedicated crew, shop owner Joe Hughes made Blacklist one of the most respected skate shops in the region in its first five years of business.

In what has now been nearly two decades of business, Blacklist has seen two moves in Lawrenceburg alone, a brief expansion to Colorado, and now a permanent expansion in Cincinnati, Ohio. Through adversity, just like your favorite cockroach, you can’t kill us.

Today, Blacklist’s brand is nationwide. Still maintaining the same foundation from its inception, the brand aims to provide a home for individuals, inject its own flavor into the industry, and tell the story of skateboarding from our perspective. Our two current Blacklist shops reside at 233 Walnut St. in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and at 772 East McMillan St. in Cincinnati, Ohio. Both shops are still owned and operated by Joe Hughes.